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It's like Starbucks only you are doing your laundry!

Spending time at my laundry mat I have discovered something, this is special time to some. For some I think they get away from a partner or kids or maybe a bad home situation. I have noticed people having lunch, dinner, reading working blissfully on their computer. We have two customers who journal and draw.

Two weeks ago we had a very loud boisterous gal she needed a lot of attention. I liked her but I am pretty quiet, she lit up the place and became the cheerful gal at the laundromat, everyone was smiling. I had one guy who spread out all over the place and I moved some of his things because he was all over the place, he got angry. He had his system and I interrupted it. I managed to get out of him that he only lives part time in the area and he was anxious to get back to his house in Montana or Idaho I don't remember, but he needed to spread out because he was really try to get ready not just pack but in his mind.

I have had people saying they have been coming over 25 years, now I know I would have found a way to wash and dry at home, but she was a proud customer of many years and she liked to do her laundry here.

I realized this is a place where people get headspace there is no tv playing, just generic radio in the background and the gentle whirl of the machines. In a way it is peaceful there is never any drama and people are very accommodating and polite. People that have been rude or nasty have never been customers I wonder if they feel the don't belong. It is a place I think people come to just take some time out, and for some as shy as they are it is like hiding in public. In a way it is like the public plaza where you can be among people with out being with people.

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