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Laundry TV

Owning a laundry is always an experience and you are dealing with the public. We have installed cameras and watch them often we call it Laundry TV. The previous owner put up cameras but never connected them. This has left some people believing they don't work.

Ours are connected and checked often and we see all kinds of stuff. We have seen a man take off his clothes and take a C-clamp to the washing machines? We have seen laundromat customers that have laundry that has seemed to explode all over the whole laundromat, a gentleman counting money which we believe may not have been reported on his taxes, a grown man spinning around in a chair like a little kid. Kids playing hide and seek and one brother looking like he was trying to trick his sister into a machine, mom came just in time.

The last drama we have viewed is a gal trying to jimmy a washing machine she had laundry in dryers and paid for them but chose to not pay for this machine. Unfortunately this was New Years Eve this upset us and broke our heart. We had to call the police and we watched her moved along by them.

This was sad for us. We really do not want to do this yet we have to protect our business and make it safe for other customers.

For the most part we can see the traffic and have learned which machines are favorites and have learned ways to make the experience better for our clientele. We have come a long way this year and have gotten some great feedback from changes. I am pretty sure some people do not like our changes and those people are the ones that do not know they are the star of the Wash and Dry channel Laundry TV.

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